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Dr. Mark Plauché Ryan  - Preventive Dentist

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Are you one of the many adults who have never, or rarely, been to a dentist?

Do you have a question about a tooth?


The dental needs of people differ depending upon their genetics, development, oral hygiene and diet. Those parameters, taken together with the life-cycles of dental materials, will afford a controlled and predictable conservation of your teeth, smile and financial resources.  We have specialized equipment and instruments for almost every situation. 

We strive to improve your understanding of, and strengthen your decision-making as it relates to your mouth, jaws, face and your life-long oral health goals.    Screening and Preventive dental services are some of the best values available today.  A crown serves to restore and protect a badly broken down tooth.

We provide professional, personal, proven dental services.  Cosmetic dentistry may change your life.  Preventive dentistry may save it. 

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Permanent ID Card: with printed dental x-ray

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a widely available anxiolytic inhalation. It can relieve your dental fears.  Normal air consists of Nitrogen, 78% - N2.  Oxygen , 21% - O2.  That is 99% of the air we breathe.

Sign up.  send an email with 'nitrous' as the subject to MrYan@dcdentistry.com

The Plan

Free:  Cureator : A health conditions helps you curate your medical status.

Pre-Diagnostic Screening/Assessment

    A limited inspection to identify possible signs of oral disease or injury

Just A Polish: The removal of surface stains, front and back.  If you have a special event coming up- a job interview, a first date, or dinner at the White House -and just want surface stains removed to restore the bright color of your teeth.

Nitrous oxide analgesia: Inhalation of oxygen and nitrous oxide to decrease anxiety.

Bite-wing x-rays: Usually 2, sometimes 4, depending upon conditions.

We are accepting new patients. 

Do not wait until you are in pain.  Thank you for visiting our site. 

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Package of Opal-pix,

the revolutionary way to keep your gums healthy:

Package of 30+


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Please call or email for an appointment - (202) 872-0022  or email: Receptionist

This is a fee for service office.  Payment is due when services are rendered.  The office will complete a universal claim form according to information you provide. 


Hours of Clinical Services - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
By Appointment 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM - Monday to Thursday, 8:30 AM to 1 PM Friday and selected Saturdays.
Emergency Services - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
If you have an emergency that can not wait, please go to the nearest hospital emergency room.
(202) 872-0022 = (202) USA 0022 (FAX unavailable)
1330 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Suite B-3, Washington, DC, 20036-6350       
General Information: MrYan@DCDentistry.Com



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A recent four part series about our present health care system agrees:  NY Times "MONEY WASTERS" article 11/13/11 

With the information provided, you will have two documents.     MY BASIC PERSONAL MEDICAL REFERENCE INFORMATION FORM

 Oral Hygiene Instructions with Dietary Counseling for Control of Dental Decay - 75% off in-office cost = $40.



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